Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities
We use co-curricular activities as extensions of class study exercises that combine mental and physical development of student at the same time. They help to develop sportsmen spirit, self discipline, self confidence, leadership quality, life skills, gregarious urge etc. in the students and also help to manifest best within them.
• Praveshotsav
• The world Yoga Day
• Parents Meeting
• Mahendi Competition
• Hair Decoration
• Rain Songs
• Street play
• Mahila Shikshan Divas
• Essay Writing
• Drawing Competition
• Grand-Parents Day
• Environment Day
• Elocution
• Independence Day
• Patriotic Songs
• Educational Tour
• Rangoli
• Aarti Decoration
• Best out of Waste
• Quiz
• Story-telling
• Various week
• Festival Celebrations
• Republic Day
• Folk Songs
• Gandhi Nirvan Din
• Matrubhasha Gaurav
• International Woman Day
• Gujarat Sthapna Din
• Annual Function
• Sport Day
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