Various committees
Various Committees of teachers have been formed to provide the guidance to the students about their daily routine, self discipline, health, communication skills, dignity of labor, social and political awareness etc.,
• Days
• Carpet Committee
• Report Writing
• Tour
• Discipline
• Prayer Committee
• Co -Curricular activity
• Bulletin Board
• Health

Co-curricular activities:
We use co-curricular activities as extensions of class study exercises that combine mental and physical development of student at the same time. They help to develop sportsmen spirit, self discipline, self confidence, leadership quality, life skills, gregarious urge etc. in the students and also help to manifest best within them.
• Praveshotsav
• The world Yoga Day
• Parents Meeting
• Mahendi Competition
• Hair Decoration
• Rain Songs
• Street play
• Mahila Shikshan Divas
• Essay Writing
• Drawing Competition
• Grand-Parents Day
• Environment Day
• Elocution
• Independence Day
• Patriotic Songs
• Educational Tour
• Rangoli
• Aarti Decoration
• Best out of Waste
• Quiz
• Story-telling Competition
• Various week Celebrations
• Festival Celebrations
• Republic Day
• Folk Songs
• Gandhi Nirvan Din
• Matrubhasha Gaurav Din
• International Woman Day
• Gujarat Sthapna Din
• Annual Function
• Sport Day

Book Review:
Our teachers are passionate thinkers and intellectuals. Book Review is our special feature for teachers to share their knowledge among collages in which once in a week a teacher presents review on a book read by him/her followed by a brief discussion. This activity stimulates teacher’s instinct of continuously acquiring knowledge.
Teachers - Book Name Teachers - Book Name
• Tanvi Kher - Chot [Varta Sanghrah]
• Shailesh Vaidya - Jayant Khatri Top Stories
• Rasik Parmar - Teaching & Education
• Kalpesh Solanki - Sangeet Tatha Rag ni Samjuti
• Rachna Rana - Kala Boot
• Yagnsh Khambhati - Silence Please
• Nitu Rajput - Shram Hai Sukh ka Setu
• Darshika Bhatt - Samay no Shresth upyog kem karso ?
• Rasik Parmar - Shikshan ane kelavani
• Jamilaben Patel - Revati shresth Audio Vartao
• Vaishaliben Dabgar - Moticharo
• Dr. Bhagubhai Prajapati - Triveni Sangam
• Daxa Mehta - Antar no Ujas
• Minaxi Vasadiya - Hufala Avasar
• Amisha Golwala - Zindadilli
• Bharti Patel - Angad no pag
• Bela Patel - Ansu bhino ujash
• Tammana Rana - The Story of my life
• Jamila Patel - Dhumketu ni Shresth
• Varsha Patel - Manvi ni bhavai
• Sonalben Bhavsar - Tamara Mrutyu Par kon aansu sarshe ?
• Miteshbhai Adhvaryu - The oldman and the sea [A parajay]
• Tamannaben Rana -Autobiography of Abdul Kalam
• Nitu Rajput - Extra Mile [M.D.]

Assembly Speech:
Every Monday & Thursday a speech is given by teacher in assembly hall. Various topics like social values, science, meditation, moral values etc., are covered in the speech which acts as window for students to look out of the book.