Student Achivements

The students who got 100 Marks out of 100
Std - 10
Sr No. Year Subject Student Name
1 2011-2012 Maths Patel Ami
Maths Talati Joy
Maths Boricha Aditya
Maths Biniwale Namrata
Maths Doshi Kalpan
2 2010-2011 Maths Shah Kavan
Maths Parekh Abhisek
Maths Dongre Hiren
Maths Patel Dimple
3 2009-2010 Science & Technology Mehta Ravi
Science & Technology Sonar Meet
Maths Patidar Shreya
Maths Shaikh Zuber
Maths Rana Adarsh
4 2008-2009 Maths Panchal Bhumi
Maths Chavda Parthesh
Maths Solanki Mrunali
5 2007-2008 Maths Mistry Jaimis
Maths Mistry Jaimin
Maths Rana Divya
P.T. Mistry Rajan
P.T. Patel Binoy
P.T. Chaudhari Tanvi
P.T. Taraporwala Archit
6 2006-2007 Maths Parmar Krunal
7 2005-2006 Science & Technology Baldha Ankit
P.T. Mahajn Nikhil
Computer Patel Bhavin
Computer Shah Vraj
8 2004-2005 Sangit Gohil Tejas
Sangit Chauhan Tapan
Computer Thakkar Jahanvi
9 2003-2004 Maths Shah Jignesh
10 2002-2003 P.T. Patel Charmi
Tec.-1 Rana Kandrap
Sangit Sheth Nisha
11 2001-2002 P.T. Solanki Jaydeep
P.T. Makwana Montu
12 2000-2001 Maths Bhavsar Khushbu
Maths Parmar Yogesh
Science & Technology Khatri Neha
Social Science Katheriya Khushbu
13 1999-2000 Maths Kathiriya Snehal
14 1998-1999 Maths Patel Ankit
Std - 12 - Commerce
Sr No. Year Subject Student Name
1 2017-2018 Account Kayasth Yash
2 2014-2015 Account Amin Nikita
3 2013-2014 Statistics Shah Kavita
4 2012-2013 Statistics Ramjiwala Himani
  • On the occasion of 15 th August Independence Day, an online essay competition was held on the subject of ‘Self Reliant India’ for the students of std 8 to 10, as well as Elocution Competition was also held for the students of std11th and 12 th commerce, science in which the students participated emthusiastically.
  • Winners of essay competition :
    • 1 st rank – Patel Krishna Parimalbhai [9 th B]
    • 2 nd rank – Patni Vaishnavi Jagdishbhai [10 th B]
    • 3 rd rank – Solanki Niyati Anilbhai [8 th A]
  • Winners of Elocution Competition
    • 1 st rank – Jadega Stutiba Anirudhsinh
    • 2 nd rank – Modi Dhwani Vinodchandra
  • In this pandemic online Art festival competition-2020 was also held. In this competition Shah Ritika Yatinkumar a student of 12 th commerce has won in the girls section at the district level in the traditional style of instrumental music [Guitar]
  • On 1 st May ‘Gujarat Gaurav Din’ drawing competition, Poetry competition and essay competitions were organized by GCERT Gandhinagar. 3037 students on the subject of ‘Corona Warriors’ from all schools of Bharuch district participated in them and from them Solanki Snehali student of 12 th Science of shravan Vidyadham won 2 nd prize and got Rs,11000/- as a prize. Shravan School congratulates her for bringing pride to Shravan Parivar.
  • Bharuch district Bal Pratibha Shodh Competition-2019 was held at Shree Gayatri Vidhyalaya Mandva in which total 13 students took part of Primary Section – Elocution Competition – Patel Diya [7 th B], Rana Mahiba [7 th A], Essay Competition – Sutariya Hardika [7 th B], Patel Dev [7 th A], Drawing Competition- Machhi Gresy [4 th std.], Patel Vansh [5 th std.], Jadav Mahi [7 th std.] They performed well in above competitions.
  • English Language Exhibition was held on 23-11-18 by Primary Section students. In this exhibition 450 students took part. Total 45 entries were presented in this exhibition.
1. Story Corner, Rhyme corner Body Parts, parts of the tree, Animal young of their homes, shapes, Opposites, Traffic sign, Say no to plastic, Save trees, Dance, Board game, Seasons, My School, Map reading, Super market, Live Cooking etc.

2. Exhibition was held for two days so other Schools also took benefit of this exhibition.
  • Student of Std.7 th B Chauhan Gahna Bhanubhai took part in Art festival-2019 in drawing competition in celebration of Gandhiji’s 150 th birth anniversary.
1. Subject Plastic free India.

2. She got third prize.
  • Khelmahakumbh.2019 was held at Shuklatirth. In this sports festival following students took part.
1. Std.7 th A – Patel Swapnil Devendrasinh [Long jump]

2. Std.7 th A – Patel Dev Daxeshkumar [100 mt. run]
3. Std. 6 th - Rohit Bhavya Jayeshbhai [100 mt. run]
4. Std. 5 th Gohil Yuvrajsinh Mahendrasinh [50 mtr. Run]
5. Std.6 th Shah Samarth Dharmeshkumar [Swimming] he came 3 rd and was awarded a prize and a certificate.
  • CRC level Maths Science Exhibition.2019 was held on 30-08-2019 at station Road- 39 Primary School, Bharuch.
Students of Primary Section Gujarati Medium participated in 5 sections :

[1] Hydroponics
[2] Junk food and Healthy food.
[3] Research management [Rain water harvesting and utilization]
Students got 3 rd prize in this competition.
  • An inter-school folk song competition was organized at GNFC Narmada Vidhyalaya School in which std.7 th B student Madhiwala Mahi Dipakbhai took part in following competitions and presented her activities.
[1] Industrial Development

[2] Transportation and communication
[3] Mathematical modeling [Quick calculations by vedic mathematics]

  • On the date 4-1-20 the students of Gujarati medium and English medium from std. 1 to 5 went on a trip to Chokagani by 4 buses. The students had a lot of fun.
  • On the date of 22-12-19 the students of std 6 to 8 of Gujarati medium and English medium went on a educational tour by 2 buses.
The places were Gir Somnath, Safari Park, Ancient historical sites in Junagadh.

Students had so much fun.

  • Maths Science exhibition of CRC level.2019 Science Maths exhibition was held on 30 th August 2019 on Thursday at Station Road-39 [Near kala mandir jewellers] . In that exhibition 10 students of English Medium Primary Section took part in different department. There were five departments.
[1] Agriculture and crop management [organic farming] – Mistry Jay

[2] Cleanliness and Hygiene – Solanki Vedant [Waste Water], Fatnani Raj [treatment plant]

[3] Resource Management – Sharda Nishika [Rain Water] , Koralwala Ved [Harvesting]
[4] Industrial development – Prajapati Bharti [Hydraulic], Prajapati Bhumika [bridge]
[5] Transportation and communication – Dewasi Narendra [chandrayan II] , Tukadiya Kaushal

Our two students Prajapati Bharti and Prajapati Bhumika were selected for second level competition in 4 th department. And they both successfully took part in Vikram Sarabhai Maths Science exhibition which was held on 17 sep. in primary school, Old Tawra.

  • Khel Mahakumbh.2019 Bharuch Jilla Shravan School Bharuch Result.
[1] Category Under 14 years boys weight Upto 18 kg – Jay Suthar-3 rd position

[2] Category Under 14 years boys Weight [18-21kg]- Aryan Chobe-2 nd position

[3] Category Under 14 years boys Weight [23-25 kg] - Said Abdul S-3 rd position
[4] Category Under 14 yers boys Weight [27-29kg] – Narendra Dawasi – 2 nd position Rudra Chauhan – 3 rd position
[5] Category Under 14 years boys Weight [48-51kg] – Vishal Chitte-2 nd position
  • The School disaster management plan deals with a variety of natural and artificial disasters.
[1] To bring awareness in students when such disasters occur how to protect ourselves an information was given by Bharuch Nagar Palika on 6-7-19.

[2] In case of earthquake, Fire gas, tingling severe flood comes at that time how to save lives by using the surrounding equipments properly that demo was also shown to the students of std. 1 to 12 Gujarati medium and std. 1 to 8 English medium.

  • POCSO’s law of protecting children against sexual offenses was introduced to students.
  • On the date of 14-7-2019 The president of Municipality, Students of NSS, office bearers of R.S.S. volunteers and students of 11 th , 12 th commerce of school together planted trees.
  • Date:31/08/2019

[1] 10 Science projects at Jay Ambe School, Bholav were presented by Secondary and Higher Secondary students.

[2] 21 Students participated in this exhibition.
[3] In this exhibition the best work of waste water management was selected at the taluka level in which Parmar Disha Hemantbhai and Patel Hetvi Ashwinbhai were awarded Certificates and trophies.
  • On 20-11-19 students of std. 9 to 12 went on tour of Mdhya Pradesh, Historical places, Ujjain, Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar. In this 3 days tour students enjoyed a lot.
  • Date:30/11/2019

[1] Students of std.11 th and 12 th Science in ITM college, Baroda participated in the Quiz Competition.

[2] Out of which 2 students of our school – Ladumor Tarang and Gadhvi Yuvraj got 8 th rank out of top 10.
[3] The winning team was awarded a certificate and an award.
  • Girls of std. 9 th to 12 th were given training for 3 days by women’s self defence. [ABVP] In this training the girls were given information on how to protect themselves fearlessly and bravely as well as practical training of different karate patches on how to defeat the opponent was also given.
  • On 8-12-19 Prof. A Rao Geometry Talent search Test 2019 was held at Amity School, Bharuch. 19 students of std.10 th took part in this exam.
  • Date : 10-02-2020 A seminar with students was jointly organized by Indian Association of Physics Teacher [IAPT] and Amity School in which 7 students of science stream participated.
  • Student of 12th commerce Chauhan Rakesh Sumedhbhai has won the Silver medal at state level in Kachchha bhuja-2016-17 & won gold medal & certificate in Inter School shotokon & Sobukan karate championship at District level.
  • Student of 12th Science Patel Meet Rajeshbhai won gold medal & certificate in Inter school shotokon & sobukan karate championship at district level.
Std 10th students who reached Semi final round in Khel Mahakumbh [2016-17] in Kabbadi Competition

1) Ahir Kishan Rajubhai
2) Rana Dharmendrasinh Raghuvirsinh
3) Vasava Sumit Manubhai
4) Parmar Hemal Chandrasinh
5) Patel Tarun Chhatrasinh
6) Jadav Manav Rajeshbhai
7) Patel Kshyap Jigneshbhai
  • Manav Jadav has won the gold medal at State level in Khel Mahakumbh in Karate.
  • Chauhan Rakesh Sumedhbhai has won the Gold medal in Karate at National level year 2016-17.
  • He has also won the gold medals in Kata & Fight at State level in Gujarat 2016-17.
  • Patel Meet Vinodbhai got Medal and certificate in 3rd National Rural Game Federation of India And State Rural Game [Cricket].
  • Bhumi Bhavsar the student of this school won the medal for Karate in Sri Lanka.
  • Jadav Manav won the district level Taekwondo Federation of India Khel Mahakumbh Medal & Rs.5000/- and Ramat Gamat Sanskrutik Pravrutti sport Authority of Gujarat, Gandhinagar Khel Mahakumbh-2014 Gold Medal & Rs.10,000/-
  • Rana Priyanshu Nehalkumar won silver & bronze medal in International Shotokan - Shobukan karate championship at Daman.
Performance of students in Khel Maha kumbh - 2016
• Bad-Minton Competition Singles / Doubles Final round winner Students
Date: 21-01-16 & 22-01-16 Std-8
1. Mistry Digna Sureshbhai - [1st ]
2. Mistry Tisha Dipakbhai - [1st]
3. Patel Jyotika Chandubhai - [2nd]
4. Gohil Jinal Natvarbhai - [2nd]
5. Bhavsar Priti Hirenbhai - [3rd]
6. Vasava Sandhya Ashokbhai - [3rd]
• Kabbadi Competition students who reached Semi final round
Date : 21-01-16 Std-8
1. Upadhyay Raj P.
2. Parmar Hemal C.
3. Ahir Kishan R.
4. Rana Rishabh R.
5. Afinwala Moh.Zed J.
6. Dabhi Ayush S.
7. Rathod Kuldeep P.
8. Vyas Kush B.
9. Patel Kashyap J.
10. Suthar Harish K.
11. Patel Jay S.
12. Vyash Manthan P.
• Kabbadi Competition – Students who reached Semi-final round
Date: 21-01-16 Std-9
1. Palejwala Dhruvil U. [Team leader]
2. Rathod Nayanprakash P.
3. Rana Jaimin M.
4. Patel Rushil P.
5. Rana Akshay J.
6. Rana Siddharth R.
7. Solanki Soham B.
8. Shah Viraj P.
9. Rathod Urvesh B.
10. Patel Vivek J.
11. Solanki Dhiraj N.
12. Patel Hitansu S.
• Tug of War [Girls]– Four rounds Winner
Date: 21-01-16 Std.- 8
1. Bhavsar Priti H. [Team leader]
2. Patel Hetvi A.
3. Bhati Aksha S.
4. Goswami Teesha S.
5. Mistry Digna S.
6. Gosai Heta M.
7. Patel Jyotika C.
8. Vasava Sandhya A.
• Tug of War [Boys] - Three rounds Winner
Date: 20-01-16 Std-8
1. Desai Karan V. [Team leader]
2. Barsakhwala Dev R.
3. Patel Jemiksh P.
4. Rana Dharmendra R.
5. Patel Aditya R.
6. Maru Tanish P.
7. Mistry Ruchit N.
8. Solanki Moulik K.